Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - Section A (JUSPS-A) (Mathematics)

The Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences is approved by UGC (Sr No. 44588) / (Sr No. 47046). The old ISSN of JUSPS was 0970-9150. The general impact factor of International Journal of Mathematics (JUSPS-A) is now 2.81 for the year 2016 and for 2015 it was 2.70. The periodicity of the international journal of mathematical sciences is monthly from July 2016. The Mathematics Journal from India (Bhopal MP) publishes high quality original research papers , short communications and review papers in pure and applied mathematics. It includes mathematical and numerical analysis, algebra, geometry, topology, mathematical physics, discrete mathematics, operations research, mathematical programming, mathematical logic, mathematical control, dynamical systems, decision sciences, probability theory, statistical mechanics, applied statistics, mathematical finance, actuarial science & risk management, applied econometrics, bioinformatics, mathematical chemistry, mathematical biology, strength of materials, heat and mass transfer and are also welcome for publication.

Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - Section A (JUSPS-A) (Mathematics)
Impact Factor: 2.81
Reg No.: 52077/90
ISSN: (0970-9150 old) 2231-346X (Print)
ISSN: 2319-8044 (Online)
Periodicity: Monthly
Year of Publication: 29th
Mobile: +91-9425014437, +91-9425605537
Current Issue : 2017 29(10)
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