Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - A

Specila Issue: Fuzzy Proximity and Fuzzy Uniformity (Thesis Doctor of Philosophy) (April 2018)

Article No. 1
Fuzzy Proximity and Fuzzy Uniformity
Md. Arshaduzzaman
Univ. Deptt. of Mathematics T.M. Bhagalpur University Bhagalpur
Abstract :

Since its inception, the theory of fuzzy sets has evolved in many directions and is finding applications in a wide variety of fields in which the phenomena under study are too complex or too ill defined to be analyzed by conventional techniques. The theory of fuzzy sets have a substantial impact on scientific methodology in years ahead particularly in the realms of psychology, economics, law, medicine, decision analysis, information retrieval & artificial intelligence. Fuzzy set concepts and fuzzy algorithms proposed by L.A. Zadeh have been developed since 1965 and they have been applied to various fields. Zadeh has discussed the advantage of using the fuzzy sets concepts in engineering systems and studied its algorithms.

Keyword : Fuzzy Proximity
DOI : jusps-A
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