Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - A
Voulume: 23
Issue: 2
Article No. 1
Bianchi Type III inflationary cosmological model in General Relativity
Raj Bali
CSIR Emeritus Scientist Department of Mathematics, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur-302004 (India)
Laxmi Poonia
Department of Mathematics, ManipalUniversity, Jaipur India
Abstract :
Bianchi Type III inflationary cosmological model for massless scalar field with flat potential is investigated. To get the deterministic model of the universe, we have also assumed that the shear (s) is proportional to expansion (q). This leads to B = Cn where B and C are metric potentials and n is a constant. The inflationary scenario in the model is also discussed.
Keyword : Bianchi III,, inflationary, Cosmological, PACS Nos.: 04.20.-q, 04.20 Jb, 04.20.Dv, 04.20 Ex
DOI : jusps-A
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View Count : 259
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