Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - A
Voulume: 33
Issue: 3
Article No. 1
Mathematical Modelling of Solid Waste Management in a Higher Educational Institution
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Kakojan College, Jorhat, Assam (India)
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Jorhat Institute of Science and Technology (India)
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Jorhat Institute of Science and Technology (India
Abstract :

In the present day scenario, in developing countries, solid waste management is declared as a dangerous issue. Population explosion, high standard of living, urbanization, lack of knowledge about management of waste etc. are the main cause of waste generation. An educational institution can play an important role in terms of waste management. It is observed that environmental studies is being introduced in all programs as a subject from lower primary up to higher level with the objectives to make concern everyone about their nature from childhood but it could not fulfill the objectives in deed. In this paper we propose a mathematical model using linear programming to manage the solid waste of an educational institution with minimum cost within the limited facilities there in.

Keyword : : Linear programming, Solid waste, ,Sensitivity analysis, AMS CLASSIFICATION: 90C05, 90C31.
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