Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - A
Voulume: 33
Issue: 7
Article No. 1
Mathematical Modelling to Study Effect of Vaccination on Transmission of CORONA Virus
Lecturer in Mathematics Government Polytechnic, Himmatnagar-383001 (India)
Abstract :

Since 2019 end, whole of the world is fighting for survival against Covid-19. To overcome the pandemic, global pharmaceutical sector started vaccine research. Early 2021, rose with a hope of vaccine discovery and few companies across the globe have invented and started manufacturing Covid-19 vaccine. As on date vaccination is playing a crucial role in curtaining the spread of this deadly virus caused disease. In this paper, a Compartmental Model is developed to study the spread of Covid-19 taking two different categories of human population into consideration. One is the vaccinated population and other is population without vaccination. Expressions for Reproduction Number are derived for Disease Free Equilibrium (DFE) and Endemic Equilibrium. Stability of the equilibria is also discussed.

Keyword : : Covid-19, Disease transmission model, , Basic reproduction number
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