Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - A
Voulume: 28
Issue: 5
Article No. 1
Multivariable H-Function and Problem Related to Flux Condition

1Govt. P. G. College Seoni (M. P.) India
2Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Bhopal (M. P.) India

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Abstract :

The aim of this research paper is to derive the solution of a problem related to flux condition involving the multivariable


Keyword : H-Function, Flux condition.
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Article No. 2
A Study of Oscillatory Flow of Blood in a Stenosed Artery in the Presence of Magnetic Field

Department of Mathematics, K.K.P.G. College Etawah (U.P.), India

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Abstract :

The purpose of this paper is to study the effect of magnetic field on oscillatory flow of blood in a rigid tube with a mild stenosis. Here I assumed that the blood behaves as a Newtonian fluid and the maximum height of the roughness is very small compared with the radius of the unconstructed tube. The expression are given for the instantaneous flow rate, resistive impedance and wall shear stress.

Keyword : Oscillatory flow, Blood, Stenosed artery, Magnetic field
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Article No. 3
Equivalent Circulant Graphs associated with a Binary Cyclic Code

Department of Mathematics, BCM College Kottayam-686001, Kerala

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Abstract :

Various papers have been written on the theory of circulant graphs 3, 6, 8, 10, 11. Also graphs with circulant adjacency matrices is discussed in7. Circulant graphs have important applications to the theory of designs and error correcting codes13. The relationship between directed circulant graphs and binary linear codes is established in9. Each binary cyclic code corresponds to an equivalence class of directed circulant graphs. This paper discusses the method of determining the equivalent circulant graphs associated with a binary cyclic code.

Keyword : Cayley graphs, circulant graphs, adjacency matrix, cyclic codes, generator polynomial, generator matrix.
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Article No. 4
Modified Crank Nicolson Type Method for Burgers Equation

Pillai College of Engineering, New Panvel, Navi Mumbai, INDIA 410206

Abstract :

In this paper a new finite difference scheme called Modified Crank Nicolson Type (MCNT)method is proposed to solve one dimensional non linear Burgers equation. The new scheme is obtained by discretizing the nonlinear term uux explicitly, u is approximated at t=tn+1 and ux by central difference at t = tn. The stability and convergence of the scheme is analysed. The method is shown to be first order accurate in time and second order accurate inspace. The solutions of Burgers equation obtained by MCNT are compared with the exact and numerical solutionsof Burgers equation available in the literature. For comparisons of numerical solutions with existing methods three test problems are tested.The L2 norm and L norm are used to compare the errors in the solutions. The solutions of Burgers equations are plotted at different time steps for different values of constant of diffusivity k.

Keyword : Burgers Equation, Finite Difference, Crank Nicolson, Convergence, Stability. AMS Subject Classification: 65M12
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Article No. 5
A Mixed Quadrature Rule by Blending Clenshaw-Curtis and Gauss-Legendre Quadrature Rules for Approximate Evaluation of Real Definite Integrals in Two Dimensions

Address 1,2 : Department of Mathematics, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack-753003, Odisha, India

1E-mail: 1, 2

Abstract :

A mixed quadrature rule, blending Clenshaw-Curtis five point rule in two dimensions and Gauss-Legendre three point rule in two dimensions, is formed. The mixed rule has been imposed with some test integrals and found to be more effective than that of its constituent rules.

Keyword : Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature rule 2 ( ) 5 R f CC , Gauss-Legendre three point rule ( ) 2 3 R f GL , mixed quadrature rule 2 ( ) 5 3 R f CC GL .Subject classification: 65D30, 65D32
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Article No. 6
Multi-criteria Decision Making Models using Fuzzy TOPSIS Technique

1Department of Mathematics, C.V. Raman College of Engineering,Bhubaneswar (India)
2,3Institute of Mathematics & Appl., Bhubaneswar (India)

Corresponding Author e-mail:

Abstract :

In this paper we propose Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) models using fuzzy technique for order performance by similarity to ideal solution (Fuzzy TOPSIS) is used to choose among a group of decision makers. Concerning the MCDM, the value of a fuzzy number is greater than or equal to another fuzzy number, a new distance measure. Here we described the TOPSIS technique and expansion of fuzzy TOPSIS techniques and lastly we discussed fuzzy TOPSIS for group decision making, which is applied to measure the distance of each fuzzy number from both fuzzy positive ideal solution (FPIS) and fuzzy negative ideal solution (FNIS). Then which is simultaneously closer to FPIS and farther from FNIS will be selected as the best choice.

Keyword : Multi-criteria decision making, fuzzy TOPSIS, group decision making, FPIS, FNIS
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Article No. 7
On 0g -Closed Sets In Topological Spaces

1P.G. Department of Mathematics, Nehru Degree College, Chhibramau, Kannauj, U.P., India
2Department of Mathematics, S. C. R. I. E. T., C. C. S. University, Meerut (U.P.) India


Abstract :

In this paper, we introduce and study a new class of sets namely 0g -closed sets which settled in between the class of g*-closed sets21 and the class of g-closed sets3 and then we study many basic properties of 0g -closed sets together with the relationship of these sets with some other sets. As applications of 0g -closes sets, we introduce some new separation properties, namely 0 1/ 2 T -spaces, 0 1/ 2 T -spaces, 0 T1/ 2 -spaces and0 T1/ 2 -spaces. Further we introduce and study new types of continuous maps called 0g -continuous maps and 0g -irresolute maps.

Keyword : 0g-closed sets; 0 1/ 2 T -spaces, 0 1/ 2 T -spaces; 0 T1/ 2 -spaces; 0 T1/ 2 -spaces; 0g-continuity.
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