Plagiarism Policy


To maintain originality and avoid plagiarism by the research scholar. To avoid condition of double plagiarism ,self-plagiarism or least publication units. To acknowledge the sources with full authenticity. Copyright form submitted should contain the signed consent of each author in the manuscript.

All papers submitted are initially screened and checked through the Advanced Plagiarism Detection Software (CrossCheck by iThenticate)

It is absolutely necessary that the author(s) obtain permission to reproduce any published material, figures, schemes, tables or any abstract of a text which does not fall into the open domain, or for which they do not hold the copyright.

Permission is required for:

Your own research work published by any other publisher and for which you did not retain copyright. Substantial extracts from any others work or series of work. Use of tables, Graphs, Charts, Schemes and artworks if they are unchanged or slightly changed. Photographs for which you do not hold copyright.

Permission is not required for:

Reconstruction of your own table with data which is already published anywhere else. Please notice that in this case you must give the source of the data in the form of either “Data taken from… “Or “Used from….”. Reasonably short quotes are considered fair  and these do not need permission. Graphs, Charts, Schemes and Artworks that are completely redrawn and  changed beyond recognition do not require permission.

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