Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences - A
Voulume: 36
Issue: 2
Article No. 1
A Theoretical and Experimental Approach to Ultrasonic Velocities, Densities, and Refractive Indices in Benzene and Aniline Mixture
Department of Physics, S.D. Degree College Muzaffarnagar, (India)
Department of Physics, Bareilly College Bareilly, (India)
Department of Chemistry, Bareilly College Bareilly, (India)
Abstract :

The study investigates the theoretical velocities of binary liquid mixtures comprising Aniline and Benzene under 2MHz ultrasonic waves at temperatures of 303.15K, 308.15K, and 313.15K, examined in relation to mole fraction. Experimental data is compared with various theoretical models, including Nomoto theory (NOM), Ideal mixing relation (IMR), Impedance Relation (IR), Rao’s Specific Velocity Method (R), and Junjie’s relations (JR). The work reflects the changes in refractive index with varying liquid density across different mole fractions, explaining observed impacts on ultrasonic velocities. To assess the goodness of fit, Chi-square tests and average percentage errors are employed, allowing for an evaluation of the relative applicability of these theories within the studied systems. The study also explores how the thermos-acoustical characteristics of the systems evolve concerning the mole fraction of a common molecule, shedding light on molecular interactions. Furthermore, various parameters for the binary mixture, such as discrepancies in ultrasonic velocity, excess isentropic compressibility, surplus acoustic impedance, excess intermolecular free length, and molar refraction deviation, are computed using experimental data of density, refractive index, and ultrasonic velocities at different mole fractions of benzene in the aniline-benzene mixture. These calculations serve to reflect the intermolecular interactions present in the binary liquid mixture.

Keyword : Ultrasonic Velocity, Refractive Index, Binary Mixture, Thermoacoustic Parameters
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